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Lauren Thorburn
Lauren Thorburn | BSc (Hons)
Principal Ecologist
Lauren has worked as a professional ecological consultant for over 16 years.   Lauren has led or provided specialist technical input to over 50 environmental impact assessments relating to aquatic ecology across a range of industries, geographical areas and ecosystem types (including marine / coastal, estuarine and freshwater).  She is also skilled at the practical application of relevant scientific techniques and intelligent application of Government policies, particularly in relation to Project approvals and ongoing monitoring programs.  Lauren is an active member of a variety of professional societies and is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP). Lauren is a Founding Member of ESP.

Liz West | BSc (Hons) | PhD
Principal Ecologist
Liz has worked as a specialist ecological consultant in Hong Kong and Queensland for more than 14 years. During this time, she has gained experience in all aspects of aquatic ecological consulting and has worked with a range of clients from government, industry and community groups. She has extensive experience in experimental and monitoring program design, fieldwork and site inspections, laboratory protocols, data analysis, reporting and project management. Liz provides value to our projects through her ability to resolve complex issues and present clear and intelligible results. Liz excels in her ability to communicate science effectively, having authored scientific papers in international journals and presented consulting and research results at national and international conferences.

Kate Maguire
Kate Keating | BSc (Hons)
Senior Ecologist
Since joining ESP in 2016, Kate has cemented her place as a critical team member and is following her passion to make a difference in the world. Kate has an exemplary academic track record and has applied her knowledge while leading a variety of scientific assessments in marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems. She actively seeks opportunities to demonstrate her superior leadership and management skills. Kate is skilled in all aspects of aquatic ecological consulting, including leading data collection, laboratory processing, data interpretation and communicating her science to a range of audiences. She is an experienced field team leader, with an excellent track record in safety, staff management and landholder engagement.

Sarah Thorburn_LinkedIn
Sarah Thorburn | BBus
Practice Manager
Sarah provides a wealth of business leadership experience, with more than 10 years’ working in various accounting, management and audit roles across a range of industries. She consistently delivers as an effective team member, has excellent attention to detail coupled with effective communication, which has led to positive business outcomes for ESP.
She is a continuous improvement facilitator, who has collaborated with Scientific, Finance and IT colleagues to automate, standardise and enhance reporting landscapes. She is an effective member of our ESP Management Team, leading business analysis and reporting, and our Quality Management System to enhance management decision-making and the quality of our products.

Paul Tompkins_Field
Dr Paul Tompkins | BSc | MSc | PhD
Senior Ecologist
Paul joined the ESP team in 2019, bringing with him a wealth of scientific knowledge and experience from past roles in academia and working with NGOs around the world. Paul is an aquatic ecologist with extensive field experience, particularly in subtidal marine environments. Paul has worked in remote field locations, both inland and offshore, and under harsh environmental conditions ranging from tropical to cold temperate locations. His strengths include designing, organising, and executing ecological monitoring and experimental projects, completing biodiversity assessments, supporting remote sensing projects, and organisation, analysis, and synthesis of large ecological and environmental data sets.

Shannon Goodwin
Shannon Goodwin | BSc (Hons) | MSc
Shannon recently joined ESP as an aquatic ecologist following a move back to Australia. Shannon learnt about aquatic systems in cooler parts of the South Island of New Zealand, where she worked as a consultant while completing her Masters research. During this time she developed excellent leadership skills and has built her consulting experience completing a variety of projects for a range of industry partners throughout New Zealand. Shannon is enthusiastic about applying her considerable knowledge of aquatic ecosystems in a slightly warmer setting. She brings with her a wealth of experience identifying macroinvertebrates in the laboratory and leading field sampling across a range of habitats including freshwater, estuarine and marine systems. Shannon is a competent field trip leader, capable of innovative thinking, to complete work on time and safely.

Dr Simon Walker | BSc (Hons) | PhD  
Director | Principal Ecologist
Simon has worked as a professional ecologist for over 17 years.  He holds a PhD in Marine Ecology and has worked variously for private enterprise, academia and for government.  He has completed numerous ecological consulting projects in Australia and the South Pacific, including ecosystem condition and environmental impact assessments, monitoring, and restoration projects for a wide range of industries and geographical locations. Simon maintains links to academia through his appointment at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He ensures ESP uses the latest scientific knowledge, to provide our clients with sound scientific advice and assessment techniques that meet or exceed current best practice. Simon is a Founding Member and Director of ESP.

ESP Associates and Industry Partners
We bring together a team of associates from other environmental consultancies, industry partners and academia to provide you with the right team for your Project.  With ESP, you can be assured that you will be working with experienced professionals who deliver sound science and value for money. 

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